July 2021 • Volume 190 • Issue 7

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Technologies Behind Texture

Craft just the right “bite” for new products.

Superberry Chocolate and Almond Butter Banana Chocolate Yogurt Chips from Yips Yogurt Chips. Photo courtesy of Yips Snacks LLC

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Editorial View

Executive Editor-Technical David Feder looks at how the recent social and political turmoil changed consumer attitudes toward better-for-you products.

Protein—In Pieces

A new look at protein’s powerful amino acids, peptides and nucleotides.

A Feel for Flavor

New approaches to crafting foods and beverages with appealing texture.

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Form + Function

Prepared Foods profiles new functional foods, drinks and supplements.

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Flavor Baked In

Bakery flavors have been undergoing changes that call for attention.

New on the Menu: Dairy Products

Profiling new cheeses, ice creams and dairy alternatives developed for restaurants and other foodservice operations.

First Person

Prepared Foods talks bakery flavor trends with George Vindiola, vice president, R&D, Campbell Snacks.

First Person

Prepared Foods talks bakery flavor trends with Diana Moles, senior vice president, innovation, at The Eli’s Cheesecake Company.

On the National Menu

Juices, smoothies and shakes suffered restaurant sales declines—but trends show opportunity.

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Botanical Benefits

Botanical ingredients flourish; add function and appeal to new foods and drinks.

Hitting the Shelves: Plant-based Meat, Dairy Alternatives

Showcasing new products including plant-based cheese and ice cream; jerky, hot dogs and seafood.

Hitting the Shelves: Sports & Energy Drinks

Showcasing new ready-to-drink and powdered items for added energy, performance or recovery.

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July 2021

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