June 2021 • Volume 190 • Issue 6

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Grains & Seeds: Where Texture Meets Taste

Formulators can turn to a new wave of whole grain and seed ingredients.

Simplot Good Grains Tabbouleh & Crispy Falafel Bowl Simplot Food Group. Photo courtesy of Simplot Food Group

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Editorial View

Chief Editor Bob Garrison shares a sneak peek of Prepared Foods' upcoming Spirit of Innovation Awards and New Products Conference.

Cheese Please!

Whether topping pizzas, stuffing sandwiches, melted with macaroni or sliced and diced—cheese remains an unqualified favorite.

Bakery Stand-Ups

Clean label leavenings rise to the occasion.

ingredient challenges

Better for Men

Men's nutritional needs get recognition with new ingredients, solutions.

Form + Function

Prepared Foods profiles new functional foods, drinks and supplements.

better for you

A Wave of Gold

Food and beverage makers take advantage of a new wave of whole grains and seeds.

New on the Menu: Breakfast

Showcasing new breakfast bakery foods, plant-based patties and sandwiches.

First Person

Prepared Foods discusses ingredient grains, seeds with Chef Todd Ketterman, culinary manager at Reser’s Inc.

On the National Menu

Culinary expert Maeve Webster says sauces add flavorful appeal for restaurants and retail products alike.

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Where Food Meets Mood

What are you in the mood for? Consumers turn to new generation of functional foods and drinks.

Hitting the Shelves: Products with Nuts

Profiling new breakfast and dinner entrees, snacks and bars that feature nuts at key ingredients.

Hitting the Shelves: Meat, Poultry & Seafood

Showcasing new prepared meat, poultry and seafood items for snacks as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner options.

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June 2021

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